Busy Body Motor Lab
Motor Activities for Children

Constant movement for our "Busy Bodies" is highly encouraged with
crawling, rolling, rapid boxing (punch/kick), tumbling, vigorous walking,
and more. Sessions are 30-45 minutes in length, but with larger groups it
may be increased to an hour or available more frequently.

The Art of Hope
Art for children

The Art of Hope will present monthly Art sessions  addressing the values
of colors, the color of the outdoors, the quality of line painting, the
creativity in marble painting, an intro to watercolors, techniques of salt
painting, hands-on in clay sculpture, use of everyday items in bubble
painting and the art of tracing using contour line drawing. Classes are
offered for various age groups throughout the day, ranging from two (2)
year olds to twelve (12) year olds. A parent child class will also be offered.
Sessions are 30 - 45 minutes in length, but with larger groups it may be
increased to an hour.

Laser/Nerf Tag !!!!
(60 minutes)

Fort Adobe is ready to kick off the New Year with monthly games of Laser
and Nerf Tag. These games are a combination of tag and hide and seek.
This gives the kids a great way to work in a group and be competitive.
Come and join us!

Tuition is required prior to attendance.

Please contact Fort Adobe for times and prices for all programs.  

2500 Market Street
Baytown, Texas 77520
(across the street from the utility company and the
community center)
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