Speech/Language Therapy
We offer speech and language therapy in individual or group
sessions.  Our sessions are available in 30 min., 1 hr., 2 hr., or 4
hr. increments.  There is an extra fee for SALT sessions over 2
hrs.  We also offer a sensory based summer program meeting
the needs of children and young adults ages 2 1/2  to 22 years  in
an appropriate learning environment.  
Sense-Able Language Therapy
At the Fort we believe that immersing a child in sensory
activities on a frequent, regular basis will help children become
engaged, focused and in better control. Our SALT program
seeks to find which sensory activities are the most successful.
The SALT Goal:
The Sense-Able Language Therapy
(SALT) Goal:   To develop a sensory
based speech and language program to
enhance communication skills in children.
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Everyone uses the information acquired through the senses (hearing,
vision, touch, taste, smell, plus movement) together with all our prior
knowledge to make a meaningful response.  These abilities are evident as
we communicate, socialize, eat, focus and move in our environment.  The
goal of Sense-Able Language Therapy is to help make that happen!
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